Rock Opera “Mozart”: Optimistic Requiem

France is known not only for croissants, the most romantic city in the world, the Eiffel Tower, shocking pop stars and artists whose eccentric profiles created with the help of professional writers of the LPWS service overwhelm Linkedin tape.

Another French treasure is two masterpiece musicals that even Broadway stars cannot remember without a touch of envy. In 1998, the premiere of the legendary Notre Dame de Paris, and since then, as it seemed to music lovers, it was already impossible to make a more spectacular production.

But 11 years have passed and incredible changes have occurred everywhere. There was a global economic crisis, Barack Obama became president of the United States, and Linkedin became the first business-oriented social network in the world. Recruiters began to search for employees on the Internet, and more and more HR managers began to use custom url for linkedin company page.

These changes also affected the music. Therefore, Esmeralda had to share folk love with … a foreigner: an Austrian composer and virtuoso musician, who during his lifetime got so little well-deserved popularity. But now his descendants glorify him! Biographical films, dedication songs, famous sweets with marzipan filling … and finally a large-scale musical that has been at the top of popularity for almost 10 years.

And soon, during a tour across Europe, the Mozart Rock Opera will be available for the performance of the original soloists. The organizers promise a show that is practically not inferior to the French original.

Rock MOZART Le Concert

The apogee of burning emotions, rock and drive

Soon a significant event begins – the world tour, which will present a brilliant and amazing concert version of the world famous rock opera – Rock MOZART Le Concert.

You will see the fascinating story of the life, love and death of the great Mozart, who can rightfully be considered the first rock musician in history. He is a real rock star of his era and modernity. A rebel whose fate abounded in ups and downs.

The strength and power of seven amazing voices, the brightness of the protagonist, the fatefulness of his rival, the unusual sound of a large symphony orchestra, grandiose scenery and light show – genius has never been so massive!

Two passions, two loves, charm and eternity … Life is like a crazy rock concert sounding to the thunder of drums. Rock MOZART Le Concert is what everyone should see and hear!

Immerse yourself in the magic of beautiful music and first-class stage play. Music lovers and connoisseurs of vivid spectacles will be amazed by trying this incredible musical cocktail, everyone will certainly want more!

Floran Mothe and Mikelangelo Loconte singing

MOZART L’Opera Rock was visited by millions of viewers, it was the first musical shot in 3D format and received a “diamond” status with more than 800,000 copies sold.

Five years ago, the musical was presented to the European audience by artists of the original composition – of course, not everyone was able to get on it. But in the tour schedule, divided by days, there were other countries and continents: everyone wants to see a miracle with their own eyes. We still have access to the video version of the show, it’s especially lucky for those who have advanced equipment at home, because they can, with the effect of presence, review the first musical in history shot in 3D.

For those who want to hear their favorite arias in live performance, there remains one more opportunity, this is a concert from the best numbers, which tours Europe every year. It is better to buy tickets for the Mozart Rock Opera in advance: although the show goes on for several days, not everyone can get there, the French production is that great.

Mozart of many talents

Wolfgang Amadeus was not just a talent, but a music prodigy – it’s clear that he needed to find an extraordinary personality for the main role in the musical in his honor. Michelangelo Loconte is just one of these types, so he passed the test easily.

An Italian playing an Austrian in a French show is unusual in itself. Now imagine that this guy, in addition to the highest vocal technique and acting skills, boasts achievements in the art of photography, painting and sculpture. On the stage, he keeps himself at ease, since he has been performing on stage since he was 5 years old! Like all theater actors, Michelangelo likes to improvise: to the image of Mozart, he added gestures learned for the role of Peter Pan. The actor is sure that his character remained in the depths of his soul as a child, a little boy behind a harpsichord, all his life’s hardships did not break him!

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