Now Available: Chicago Acoustic Underground Podcast Episode

This past June I spent some time back in my home town of Chicago to play a show, visit with family, and meet the infamous Michael Teach of the Chicago Acoustic Underground podcast. The show has featured hundreds of local and national acts, including American Idol finalist Crystal Bowersox. Michael’s got a great thing going in Chicago in addition to his record label CAU Dog Records, so it was an immense pleasure to spend an afternoon with him recording a podcast for all to hear.

The episode recorded this summer now up at so feel free to listen at your leisure!

The Living Room Sessions with Zia Hassan

Here’s an acoustic preview of a song from the upcoming album featuring Zia Hassan on guitar. Zia will be joining me for a show at The Velvet Lounge in Washington, D.C. on October 3 for what is sure to be an amazing night.

Fun Fact: This song, “Head Held High,” was originally written nearly 10 years ago while I was still in high school. Since then, with the guidance of my album’s producer and my new songwriting partner Dave Mallen, the song was revamped for its eventual release in 2013.

Pick The Poster Poll: Velvet Lounge, Oct. 3

In honor of the October 3 show at Velvet Lounge, we wanted to put the FINAL poster design decision in the hands of the fans! Take a minute to browse the album of options (designed by Lung-I Lo). Then all you need to do is “Like” or comment on your favorite. We’ll tally the votes and print the poster – which will be signed by all the bands – and have them available for sale (in limited quantities) on the 3rd. See you there!

You can find the poll here.

Pink Jams! Tickets On-Sale Now

Pink Jams! and the Hard Rock Café are teaming up to kick off Pinktober® and Breast Cancer Awareness month by hosting a live music event targeted towards awareness for under 40 men and women in the Washington, DC area.


Headliners: Phillip Phillips and Haley Reinhart from American Idol!

From the evening of September 28th through the afternoon September 30 – we will be playing live music WITHOUT STOPPING. In order to draw attention to an important breast cancer awareness message for men and women under 40 – a wide variety of local, regional, and national musicians will play continuously for 39 hours and 59 minutes.

Click through to see the full schedule for the weekend. Continue reading

Album Update: All is Well, 2013 Release Imminent

Inside Innovation Station Music

It’s been far too long since I openly spoke about the progress of my new recording project. Now is as good a time as ever to bring it back up though.

The entire process, thus far, has been one of the most rewarding musical experiences I’ve ever had. It’s like being back in school and learning something new every day. Some days I teach myself a new lesson, others my producer Dave Mallen weighs in, and then there’s the occasional scenario out in the real world. No matter what though, I’m learning. Continue reading

New Video: Tony Lucca “Under The Influence” Cover Contest

One of my favorite singer-songwriters, Tony Lucca, is hosting a cover contest where artists can submit their version of one of his tracks. The top 10, as voted by Tony, will go on to a fan only vote which will then determine the winner. And what does the winner get? One grand price winner will receive a special VIP package and admittance to a show in a city near them! I’ve already got my ticket to the first Jammin’ Java show of two in November, but I might as try and win the contest so I can go to both shows in one night. Right? Could be fun! Let’s do it!

Hope you enjoy the video.

- Rachel

Behind The “Between Timid & Timbuktu” Session: “A Drop”


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Back in high school I wanted to make sure I left a mark. I wanted to make sure that once I left there’d still be a lasting impression of me somewhere on that school. It was senior year in particular that I hit the overdrive button and took creative risks. A lesser known fact is that I actually attempted to assemble a collection of long-form poems with the intent of self-publishing at some point.

Inspiration for the project drew from a life-long love affair with storytelling as well as a poetry class I was taking around that time for English. I was enamored by the prospect of lengthy poems that didn’t necessarily have a rhyme scheme but told stories in a way that reminded me of a cross-bread between short story and song.

If you stop to think about it, song lyrics are lines of poetry. Sometimes those lines rhyme and sometimes they don’t, but that doesn’t matter as long as it flows. The extended length allows for points to be fleshed out while the restrictions of turning prose in poetry enables a bit more romanticism in the lines written.  Continue reading

Behind The “Between Timid & Timbuktu” Session: “At Moonrise”


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It all started when I bought Tony Lucca‘s “Simply Six” EP back in 2001 — or was it 2002? I can’t remember — after meeting him at All-State Arena just outside of Chicago. I loved that EP. I still love that EP. I still listen to that EP. I have the jewel case sitting in my apartment.

Song’s like “She’s True” and “Happily Ever After” were beautiful testaments of a man who loved to love. But it was the song “Immaculate Dawn” that caught my attention.

Lucca went on to describe the scene that puts you in the midst of a life chock full of leisure, a life in which you know how good you have it all due in part to the “little things” like: Continue reading


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