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It appears I’ve been living in the Stone Age. For someone who has been surrounded by technology and computers for pretty much her entire life, I have yet to put any of albums online for digital distribution. Fact is: it’s not that hard to sell your music online as an independent artist as long as you have some money to throw at the project.

For independent artists, the Do-It-Yourself method is an approach the general lot of us likes to take. CD Baby provides an outlet for the DIY artists out there. They tweet tips and post relevant articles to motivate us to “keep up the hard work.”

Thanks to CD Baby, I will embark upon the scary world of self-publishing and self-promotion. Thanks to CD Baby, my 2005 debut album “Come As You Are” will be for sale online. We’re not at that point yet but the time will come soon. That is a guarantee.

More details to come! Can’t wait to share them.


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